BONNIE Ain't you ashamed? Tryin' to steal an old lady's automobile. CLYDE I been thinkin' about buyin' me one. BONNIE Bull. You ain't got money for dinner, let alone buy no car. CLYDE Now I got enough money for cokes, and since it don't look like you're gonna invite me inside-- BONNIE You'd steal the dining room table if I did. CLYDE Come to town with me, then. How'd that be? BONNIE Goin' to work anyway.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Say Hello to....... My New Favourite Band!!!!!!!!!

A long time ago (less than a year) I used to keep a little list of cool songs I heard on AltTV, because there were a lot, a lot of bands you'd never heard of who fucking rocked. One day I saw the video for the song "Last Day of Magic" by a band called "The Kills". The song was great and the video was, too. They played this a lot and I never tired of it. Earlier this year, they started playing another song by them which was equally brilliant.

Then AltTV died :(

I started listening to The Kills (and other bands I missed from AltTV) on MySpace. It turned out The Kills had lots of good songs. And Praise God, Galaxy Records moved in very close to Real Groovy. So after looking through real groovy, feeling a little disappointed, I bopped over to Galaxy Records. It seemed they had every album I was looking for. Expensive, though, in my books, I decided that to get what I wanted I had fork out. I could go on buying Beatles records and Cat Stevens records from the Penny Lane $4 bins, but I was feeling increasingly empty with these. So, I bought the Kills album "Midnight Boom". It was $33 Fucking $$ AND it was a CD.

I got home and played it, despite my shitkicker CD player's occassional/frequent skipping. The album was goddamned genius, I loved it. And I listened to it over and over, then googled the kills. Reading/watching interviews and articles on the band I was amazed by all the things we shared. They started talking about Edie Sedgwick, who made her life a work of art, and Andy Warhol's Factory and The Velvet Underground. I was so hot for this band. THEN I found out that the title of the Cd "Midnight Boom" came from a line in a Jack Kerouac book. I creamed.

So there you go, my new favourite band, The Kills.


Siobhan said...

Galaxy was never too far, only Madras St, but yes now it is even handier. Or had you not been there before it moved to Manchester?

Gentle Annie said...

yeah I went there, but it was out of the way, and in a basement.