BONNIE Ain't you ashamed? Tryin' to steal an old lady's automobile. CLYDE I been thinkin' about buyin' me one. BONNIE Bull. You ain't got money for dinner, let alone buy no car. CLYDE Now I got enough money for cokes, and since it don't look like you're gonna invite me inside-- BONNIE You'd steal the dining room table if I did. CLYDE Come to town with me, then. How'd that be? BONNIE Goin' to work anyway.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

this old world keeps spinnin round, its a wonder tall trees ain't layin down

a while ago (Not so long ago) I was going to buy joy division second (and last) record, CLOSER. and it was on trademe and i wanted and wanted it. So when the time came to bid I was in this wee battle of the sexes with some faggy shee and then my Fokking computer smashed on the rocks and the screen went mental everything multiplied for one whole minute til the auction was closed. Then the computer came out of its spasm and the mouse was sitting floating over some ad at the top of the screen saying "Find Someone" it was like a slap to the face

I thought it was funny that a joy division record could make me feel sad without even having listened to it. yeah thats funny because Joy division are notoriously morbid and bleak and depressing. but i went to penny lane and they had the album there. And of course i never should have doubted my old friend penny lane because it was cheaper than the copy on trademe.

Ibought it but i got pissed off again because my favourite song on Closer, Isolation (mother i tried please believe me // im doing the best that i can // im ashamed of things ive been put through // im ashamed of the person i am) had a massive scritch scratch through it and it just jumps the whole fuking song. nahhh we're Cool, Man

I fell in love with an old japanese guitar on trademe
I'm gonna buy it and change the Wooooooooorlds
I'm a singer im a dancer im a poet im a kitten

Connan Mockasin is genius he's my favourite ever i love him forever

  1. I Nude You
  2. Sneaky sneaky Dogfriend
  3. Naughty Holidays (Again)
  4. Uuu it's Teasy
  5. Hey Chocolate
  6. Hello View

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