BONNIE Ain't you ashamed? Tryin' to steal an old lady's automobile. CLYDE I been thinkin' about buyin' me one. BONNIE Bull. You ain't got money for dinner, let alone buy no car. CLYDE Now I got enough money for cokes, and since it don't look like you're gonna invite me inside-- BONNIE You'd steal the dining room table if I did. CLYDE Come to town with me, then. How'd that be? BONNIE Goin' to work anyway.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Come on Pilgrim, you know He loves you

I remember I was told that every good deed I did went to building my house in heaven. I don't know whether I'm reading it wrong, but I didn't think anyone was supposed to be better than anyone else in heaven. I thought it was like a big communist state with a leader incapable of greed.


Siobhan said...

Heaven is a very confusing concept

mandingo said...

I spent most of my life trying to figure out what happens after death. It plagued me. Living an ordinary life and 'just getting on with it' was never good enough for me. The quest almost drove me quite mad.

I am delighted to report that quite by accident, a couple of years ago out of the blue, I experienced an epiphany, that came like a Tsunami, wiped clean all that went before, and gave me unheard of insight into life, universe and everything.

I learned that the afterlife has nothing to do with any of my imaginings throughout my 44 year journey searching for enlightenment. It was the last thing on earth- or anywhere else- I expected.

As it is a profoundly personal awakening, and 'we don't all go to the same place' (best way I can put it- I recommend a good grounding in quantum physics if you can bear it) and because it is a destiny fashioned partly from our own spiritual evolution, (ie. the effort we put into our own transcendence) we each are given our own unique, personally tailored 'destination'. (sorry, language is limited- even if I could go into it further, I 'couldn't' because as many of us already know, our language is severely handicapped with regard to spirituality)

I can say the answer has little to do with my traditional understanding of religion- christianity, heaven and hell, etc. But what I can say is that my fear of anything and everything has quite literally vanished. So regardless of one's spiritual leanings, the practical benefits are extraordinary.

Of course, one of the conditions of my enlightenment is that I cannot profit from the knowledge, write self help books, or any of that stuff. I can't profit from it in any way other than spiritually and personally, so there goes any notion of starting up my own cult!

A small price to pay for something I never imagined I would find in this life time or any other.

Plus, I know that going into it any further will guarantee that most folk will think I am insane, whether or not they say it out loud. Enlightenment seems like madness to the un-enlightened, so I find the less said the better- which settles any temptation I might have to blabber too much- it's no fun being thought of as mad.

I hope this helps; the rest is all your own work- trust me.

I wish you well with your journeys.

Thank you for a fascinating blog.

Gentle Annie said...

How divine!
I can go to my own heaven?
Well you had an epiphany doesn't always mean you're right, does it?
No, but I believe you're right.
Thank you