BONNIE Ain't you ashamed? Tryin' to steal an old lady's automobile. CLYDE I been thinkin' about buyin' me one. BONNIE Bull. You ain't got money for dinner, let alone buy no car. CLYDE Now I got enough money for cokes, and since it don't look like you're gonna invite me inside-- BONNIE You'd steal the dining room table if I did. CLYDE Come to town with me, then. How'd that be? BONNIE Goin' to work anyway.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Is she really going out with him?

I counted ten pictures of Christ Wethey in the school magazine. I mean I like the guy, but what is he supposed to be? The Moses of Middleton Grange? He's their darling because ooh, he's head prefect... but he's got long hair and he's in a Funk-Rock band. It's the new face of Middleton Grange. A hipper, young, alternative guy who takes part in every extra curricular activity he's offered. The magazine is a big piece of propaganda. It doesn't acurately depict what happened at Middleton in 2008. It sells the school. It shows them how they want to be seen. Ooh, look! Look at this non-offensive art and four line poetry about emotions and beach scenes. Ooh, look! It's the Fiji Missions trip and the Year 11 History trip to Ripapa Island. Where is the photo of me and Steven in dresses? And Middleton Grange's real talent in music and film making. I see an article on Ben and Harry's 'Old School Cinema' but a mention of Jehosaphat Defeats Ammon and Moab would be nice. I see an article by Mrs. McMillan on The Producers. "This fantastic rock band," she says, "burst onto the music scene... We loved the green and red shoes... They love their funk and pop aspects." God, in the early sixties and nineties everyone was in a goddamn band and noone gave a shit. But I guess for a family friendly version of the Red Hot Chili Peppers they aren't bad. "Good evening, we're The Producers. Get ready to dance."

Although I must say I enjoyed the photo of Michael Dixon at athletics on page 137. And the one of Peter what's-his-name who does the bus door thing.

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